Add a Change Order/Extra Work Item

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To add a Change Order or Extra Work item you just need to add a new line to an Extra Work Section.  A section can be either all extra work or all base contract - you can't have mixed extra work & base contract work in the same section.


To Add the first Extra Work Item / Change Order:

If this is the first Extra Work or Change Order, you will need to add an extra work section:


From the Detail sheet, right-click on any line item & select Add New Section:


Tip: this can also be done from the Paymee menu by Add -> Section.


In the dialog that pops up be sure to select



A detail line already exists by default in a Extra Work Section you can use this line.


Figure 3: Typical default Extra Work Section:



Double-Click the section heading to edit the default heading 'EXTRA WORK SECTION'.


To add a Extra Work / Change Order:

Select the last line in an Extra Work section where you want to add the line item.  An Extra Work section has dark red text for the section heading & typically looks like the graphic above (figure 3).  Right-Click and select Add Line Item Below.