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How Do I ...

 Create or Open a Paymee Project

 Edit Contract Summary data

 Add a Line Item

 Open a Paymee File

 Update Paymee (New Draw)

 Add a Change Order/Extra Work item

 Add a Unit Price line Item

 Reconcile for a Reduced Application

 Set the Retainage Calculation

 Release Retainage

 Print to *AIA Document G702



Support & Troubleshooting


 Excel Macro Settings

 Frequently Asked Questions

 Reset Excel or Paymee



Paymee Specifications

 Hardware & System Requirements

 Paymee Limits



*AIA is a trademark of American Institute of Architects & not affiliated with Paymee nor Sapro Systems.

Basic Excel you may need to know


Paymee Definitions


Paymee Menu


Summary Sheet


 Contract Summary

 Change Order Summary

 Contractor's Certification

 Architects/Custom Certification



Detail Sheet


 Work Section

 Footer Totals


Notes Sheet


Tips & Tricks

 Keyboard Short-Cuts


About Paymee

 About this Help



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