Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Paymee?

Paymee is a powerful, customizable Excel based application that creates high-quality Payment Applications (also known as 'Requisitions') in Excel.  Paymee stands for PAYment application Made Easy for Excel.  Paymee was designed for use in the construction industry, but can be used to create a payment application for any industry where a payment application needs to be submitted on a regular basis against a contract amount.


How do I know what version of Excel I have ?

For Excel v9-11: Excel menu select Help -> About Microsoft Excel to see the version.

For Excel v12 (Excel 2007): Office buttun (top left button) -> Excel Options -> Resources -> About button to see the version.

For Excel v14 (Excel 2010): Excel menu select File -> Help -> About Microsoft Excel.

For Excel v15 and newer: Excel menu select File Account -> About Excel.


How do I know what version of Paymee I have ?

From the Paymee menu select Paymee Help -> About Paymee to see the version.


Does Paymee ever expire?

No, Paymee is shareware & never expires and can be used for free an unlimited amount of time.


If Paymee is free, then how does Sapro Systems stay in business?

Sapro Systems derives its income from the portion of people who pay a small fee for a Paymee license. Certain features and customization options are disabled and only available on the licensed Paymee.


If I purchase a Paymee license, do I need to download or install Paymee again ?

No, there is no-re-installing required, you simply enter in a code that instantly transforms Paymee to the registered version. The code is emailed to you usually within one minute of placing the order.


Can I have 2 Paymee Projects open at once?

Yes, only in the Pro version of Paymee.


Can I insert a sheet into the Paymee workbook file?

No, for the current version this is not possible.  This may be supported in a future version.


How do I undo something?
Undo is not supported in the current version of Paymee.  This may be supported in a future version.  However, Paymee does provide a confirmation before doing anything drastic such as deleting an item.  If you do something that you would like to undo you can always close the file without saving to revert back to the previously saved project file.  It is recommended that you backup Paymee files on a regular basis (use Excel's File -> Save As... command) or use the backup feature built into New Update.


Does Paymee save my files automatically?
No, Paymee does not save the project file automatically.  You must select the Excel File -> Save to save or use the Paymee menu shortcut (saveMenu).  You will automatically be prompted on closing if you would like to save a Paymee file that has been changed.  Note Excel 2000 has an AutoSave feature. This feature has some know bugs & does not work with Paymee projects.  Excel XP & later has an auto-recover feature that should automatically recover any un-saved files incase of power outages or Excel crashing.  This works with Paymee projects.


Does someone need Excel to view a Payment Application created with Paymee ?

Excel with Paymee installed is required to open & view a Paymee project file. You can also export a Paymee project as an Excel Spreadsheet (licensed version only).  In this case a user does not need Paymee installed to view the exported file, just Excel.  If the user does not have Excel a free Excel viewer is available from Microsoft via download.  Do a search for 'Excel Viewer' at for more information.  With the viewer you can view but not edit any Excel files including exported Paymee files.


Will my Paymee license get erased if I need to re-install Paymee or upgrade to a newer version of Paymee?

If you have purchased a Paymee license & entered the license registration code, the license info will not get erase unless you UN-install.  UNinstalls are not required for minor version updates.