Reset Excel or Paymee

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Reset Paymee

To Reset a Paymee project simply close it & Excel, and then re-open Excel & Paymee.


Reset Excel

Resetting Excel will restore the Excel environment (toolbars, view, etc.) to the Microsoft default.


First close all instances of Excel.  Verify that all instances are closed by checking the Windows Task Manager (shortcut: [Ctrl]-[Alt]-[Delete]).  If Excel is listed in the Task Manager or under Task Manager -> Processes (some versions of Windows), select End Task to end it.  


Next open Excel & then open the file ResetExcel.xls located in the Paymee directory ('c:\Program Files\Sapro Systems Paymee V4\' by default).  If a Enable Macros message appears, select 'Yes' to allow the script to run which will reset all Paymee modified Excel settings to the Microsoft defaults.