Support for old Paymee Version 2 & Version 3

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Frequently asked questions related to old Paymee Version 2 & Paymee Version 3


1) Whats new in Paymee V4 thats not in older Paymee Programs?

See Paymee V4 New Features.        


2) Will projects files created in older Paymee versions work in Paymee V4?

Yes all projects created in older versions will work in Paymee V4.


3) Will project templates created in older Paymee version work in Paymee V4.

Yes project templates created in older Paymee versions will work in Paymee V4.  You will need to manually copy the templates to the Paymee V4 templates directory in order for them to be listed in the New Project Wizard.  The templates directory for either version is the \Templates sub-folder within the installation directory selected during installation (by default C:\Program Files\Sapro Systems Paymee V4\Templates or for 64 bit PC's: C:\Program Files (x86)\Sapro Systems Paymee V4\Templates) .


4) Can I install Paymee V4 without uninstalling older versions of Paymee?

We recommend UNinstalling older Paymee v3 & v2.  If you keep them the Paymee v4 installer will automatically disable them (only one version of Paymee can be registered with Excel at a time - otherwise conflicts & errors will occur).  To override or set the enabled Paymee version: press the following keystrokes in Excel: Alt, T, I ...then check the desired Paymee version.


5) I already purchased a Paymee V3 license, do I need to purchase a Paymee v4 license to use Paymee V4?

Since Paymee V4 contains many new features you will need to purchase a Paymee V4 license to use it as the licensed version.   However, if you purchased Paymee v3 license, you qualify for a significant upgrade discount. Email us for a coupon code to use on payment.  Be sure to use the same email used to Purchase Paymee v3 for verification purposes.