Contract Summary

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Contract Amount - Original

The total scheduled value of base contract work. This is the total of the column labeled Scheduled Value from the Detail sheet for base contract work.  Base contract work is any item entered into a Base Contract Section in the Detail sheet.



Contract Amount - Changes

The total scheduled value of extra work.  That is any work that is in addition to work attributed to your base contract amount.  This is the total of the column labeled Scheduled Value from the Detail sheet for extra contract work.  In order for Paymee to categorize an item as extra work, it must be entered into a Extra Work section in the detail sheet.



Completed - To Date

This is the total value of all work completed through the data date.  This value is before any Retainage attributed to completed work is subtracted.



Completed - Retainage

This is the total value of Retainage.  The Retainage is only calculated for completed work.



Previous Application

The cumulative amount previously billed.  This is the line above on the previous application.  This field is editable.  By default this is the value of 'Completed - Less Retainage' just before the user executed the last New Update.  You should overwrite this value if a different amount was approved or paid for the previous application.



Current Payment Due

This is the amount due on this application.  This is equal to the 'Completed Less Retainage' less the 'Previous Application'.  This amount has any Retainage factored out.



Balance To Finish

Amount remaining to bill for.  This is equal to the total contract amount less total billed.




Pie Chart

The Pie chart depicts the overall breakdown of the contract value.

Tips:        -You can see the chart in a window from the Detail sheet, select Settings -> Show Summary Window from the Detail sheet.

         -The charts can also be displayed in 3D.  Select Setting -> Setup & Options then select the Summary Page -> Misc. tab & select 3D.