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Your Logo Here Click Me

Click this to load your logo or any other image that you would like to appear on the top right.  Any Excel supported image format is OK - jpg, gif, bmp, wmf are some popular ones.   To suppress the display of 'Your Logo Here click me', select Settings -> Setup & Options then select the Summary Page tab and uncheck Show Company Logo...



Horizontal Lines (Screen Aids)

The horizontal lines (light yellow by default) are just an aid to identify areas which the user can edit.  These aids do not print out & are not exported.  You can turn off Screen Aids and customize the color under Settings -> Setup & Options -> General tab.



Owner's Project No (Custom Header Field)

This is a custom field in that you can change the label.  You can select from a drop down which appears when you select the label, or you can type your own label.



Application No

This is the application number.  You can use any notation desired, even non-numeric.  Upon creating a new update (from the Paymee menu, Project -> New Update) this item is incremented automatically (if it is numeric).



Period Ending Date

This is the end date for which the work described in the application reflects. This date can be a future date as often times an application is submitted say before the end of the month for work projected through the end of the month. Tip: Double click to bring up a calendar.



Category No

This is the Construction Specifications Institute identification number of the work category. Tip: Double click to bring up a dialog with the category listing.