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Form ID (Form SS1)

This is the Sapro Systems form identifier.  If the Contractor's or Architect's Certification text is set to custom then this shows up as Form SS1-Custom.  This is useful visual tool to let someone know if the form certification text has been customized.  This identifier may also change for each custom or project/architect specific Paymee file issued by Sapro Systems.


Distribution -/+ Buttons

These buttons add & delete a distribution.  The buttons do not print out or appear on exported files.  To delete a distribution first select the distribution to delete.  Paymee allows a maximum of 8 distributions.

Tip: You can print separate copies of you Paymee application with distributions highlighted using the Project -> Print command from the Paymee menu.


Distribution Fields

These fields (often referred to by 'cc') identify the parties which should receive a copy of each Paymee Payment Application


'Created Using Paymee...'

This field is standard & cannot be removed on the Free version of Paymee.  It can be removed on the licensed version by Settings -> Setup & Options, Summary Sheet Tab -> Page Contents tab, then check "Don't Show 'Created using Paymee...' text".