Paymee Definitions

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Additions - Positive valued extra work.


Base Contract Work - Work which is included in the base contract amount.  A line item in Paymee is classified as base contract if it is put in a base contract Section.  The default section in a new project is a base contract section.


Deletions - Negative valued extra work


Editable - Refers to an area that can be changed (edited).  Many fields can be locked/unlocked via the Settings -> Setup & Options dialog.


Extra Work - Work which is not included in the base contract amount.  Extra Work can be an addition or deletion.  A line item in Paymee is classified as extra work if it is put in a Extra Work section.  Extra Work Sections have dark red text for the section heading.   An Extra Work section is added by selection is added by selecting Add -> Section from the Paymee menu.  See Add a Change Order/Extra Work Item for an illustration.


New Update - The process of preparing a new application (existing project) for a particular period ending date.  To begin a new update select Project -> 'New Update' from the Paymee menu.  This will advance the data date & move all current This Application values to Completed.


Retainage - Contract amount held as retained by the owner as 'insurance' till the work is substantially complete.  The amount of Retainage varies from project to project.  The Retainage is typically a percentage of the work completed.  To set or adjust the Retainage, select Settings -> Retainage Setting from the Paymee menu.


Section (Detail Sheet) - A continuous group of detail lines.  A section can be either all base contract or all extra work. You can have many sections in Paymee in no particular order.  A section can also have subtotals shown and one or many Sub-Headings.


Sub-Heading (Detail Sheet) - A heading within a Section used to divide a section into logical sub-groups.  This is a purely aesthetical feature & does not affect totals or calculations in any way.  For example a project can be divided into 4 main phases, Phase I through Phase IV.  To make a large application more intuitive you could separate detail lines by inserting Sub-headings labeled 'Phase I', 'Phase II' ...  To insert a Sub-Heading, on the Detail sheet, select the line above the location to insert the Sub-Heading & select Add -> Sub-Heading from the Paymee menu.