Paymee is progress payment software that allows for printing to *AIA G702.  Here are the FAQ for Paymee:

Paymee is a powerful, customizable Excel based application that creates high-quality Progress Payment Applications in Excel. Paymee stands for PAYment application Made Easy for Excel.  The application was designed for use in the construction industry, but is suitable for any organization that needs to submit a payment application against a contract amount on a regular basis.  Paymee software can also be used to create a simple or complex billing schedule of values.

No Paymee contains no advertisements or annoying 'wait' screens.  For your assurance our software is hosted on CNET's  They further test all software on their site to assure it is free of viruses, spyware & malicious program.

Yes, Microsoft Excel is required. You need to have one of the last four versions of Excel already installed, that is Excel 2007, 2010, 2013/365, & 2016/365 (version 12, 14, 15 & 16 respectively).

For older versions of Excel: From the Excel menu select Help -> About Microsoft Excel to see the version.

For Excel 2013 & Excel 365: From the Excel menu select File -> Account then click About Excel to see the version.

No. Paymee never expires and is not a subscription based software. However the support period in case of any issues is one year.

Sapro Systems derives its income from the portion of people who pay a small fee for a Paymee license. Certain features and customization options are disabled unless you pay for a license.  See the features page for more info.

No, there is no-re-installing required, you simply enter in a code that instantly transforms Paymee to the registered version.  The code is emailed to you usually within 1 minute of placing the order.

No, Excel experience is not needed to use Paymee.  There are also no formulas to write. Paymee is wizard & dialog driven to help make it easy to use.

Excel with Paymee installed is required to open a Paymee project file.  You can also export a Paymee project as a regular Excel Spreadsheet (licensed version only).  In this case a user does not need Paymee installed to view the exported project, just Excel.  You can also 'print to' PDF or Microsoft XPS format (newer Excel versions only).  In this case recipient does not even need Excel installed to view these export file types.

Paymee utilizes many of Excels built in features to provide a simple but robust user interface and advanced capabilities.  Because of this we are able to 'piggy-back' on Excel's powerful features and deliver a high quality product that is free to use and reasonably priced for the license product.  We believe that since our software runs in Microsoft Office, this offer tremendous advantages over AIA Billing software by others.

Yes. Paymee files are Excel files (i.e. myproject.xls).  You can e-mail them as any other Excel file.  The recipient will need Paymee installed to view the file.  With the registered version of Paymee, a Paymee file can be exported as a unlocked Excel file.  In this case you can edit & e-mail the exported file just as any Excel file.  The recipient does not need Paymee installed to view the exported file. There is even a feature to Export as Locked Excel File... which exports Paymee projects with all fields locked, except fields for Owner/Architect approval & comments (registered version only).

Paymee is flexible! You can update a line item by any determinate means.  In other words the user can update a line item by any of the following:

  • % Completed this Application
  • Total % Complete
  • Value Completed this Application
  • Total Value Completed
  • Quanitity - for Unit Price items (new in Paymee v4)

If you are a user of old Paymee Version or Version 3

Please also refer to Frequently Asked Questions for Paymee V2 & V3

Questions or comments?

Refer to our FAQ or Features page or contact us.

AIA is a trademark of American Institute of Architects & not affiliated with Sapro Systems.  AIA Document G702 & Document G703 are products of the American Institute of Architects.