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Licensed Version Benefits: No License
(Free Version)
Pro License
Max number of Detail Sheet work line items 12 ~60,000
Maximum Sections About 3 Excel Limit
Add your own logo to the Payment Application  
Export projects to Excel for full editing or emailing  
You can remove 'Created using Paymee...' text  
Access to all customization options, including custom colors  
One year email based support  
Priority plus email support (responses within 1 Bus. day)  
Open more than 1 project at a time  
Description License Variation & Quantity After selecting variation click 'Buy Now'
Version 4

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If you haven't already, be sure to download, install & try Paymee before ordering.

One license is for one (1) PC.  Volume discounts are reflected by the above 3, 6 & 10 PC licenses.  Discounts reflected by multi-PC licenses are for same-time purchase only.

Please download and try before buying (same install anyhow).  A license identification code will be shown or emailed immediately upon payment.  By entering this code while connected to the internet, the free version of Paymee will instantly transform into the licensed version.

If you purchased a Paymee version 3 license in the past, contact us for a upgrade discount (will issue a electronic coupon code). For verification purposes please use the same email used to purchase Paymee version 3.  For info on Paymee v4 related to old Paymee v2 & v3 users click here.

A license purchase is a one time purchase for Paymee version 4 and not a reoccurring subscription. Paymee never expires.  However the support period in case of any issues is one (1) year. License purchases come with free minor version updates... example: any future version 4.1, 4.2, 4.3... up to version 4.99 are Free for licensed PC's.  Paymee automatically checks for free version updates about once a month.

Sapro Systems proudly accepts payments through paypal and 2Checkout.  PayPal accepts all major credit cards and a PayPal account is not needed. 

Questions or comments?

Refer to our FAQ or Features page or contact us.