Create flexible contractor payment schedules. Customize the layout or match the general style of AIA G703* and AIA G702*.

  • Four different customizable forms available: Standard, American (AIA G702 / AIA G703 style) / Plus & Canadian.  Click here for more screen shots & info.
  • Download a blank free American (AIA G703 style) application created with Paymee. Paymee also creates the corresponding American (AIA G702 style) summary sheet that can also be printed directly to original AIA Document G702.
  • Free version available for download that never expires!
  • Paymee is fully automated within Microsoft Excel... No Excel Experience needed!
  • New in version 4 - support for Unit Price items.
  • The detail sheet (shown below) offers the general layout of an AIA G703 style continuation sheet plus is customizable as shown below.
  • A AIA G702 style summary sheet gets updated automatically on editing the screen per the below.  More screen shots...

Work Payment Schedule Sheet Screen Shot

  • Flexible Data Entry. You can update an item by entering any of the following:
    • % Completed this Application
    • Total % Complete
    • Value Completed this Application
    • Total Value Completed
  • All construction progress billing data is entered just once.
  • Customizable content, appearance & more!
  • Summary sheet generates automatically off of totals from the Detail sheet schedule of values.
  • Easy to use - Wizard interface for creating a New Project.
  • Customizable retainage calculations.

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*AIA is a trademark of American Institute of Architects & not affiliated with Sapro Systems. AIA Document G702 & Document G703 are products of the American Institute of Architects.