AIA G702 Style Billing in Excel.  Use our layout (shown below) or print to AIA Document G702.

  • This is done right from Excel, using our highly automated environment.  The below screen shot is for the American template (AIA G702* style).  International & Canadian layouts also available!
  • Download a free blank AIA G702 style application created with Paymee.  Paymee also creates the cooresponding XLS AIA G703 style continuation sheets.
  • Free version of Paymee available.  Click here to download now.
  • Paymee is fully automated within Microsoft Excel & designed to prevent mistakes.  No Excel Experience needed!

Excel 2013 (v15) shown, however Paymee works fine with older Excel versions too!

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*AIA is a trademark of American Institute of Architects & not affiliated with Sapro Systems.  AIA Document G702 & Document G703 are products of the American Institute of Architects.